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Asphalt base

  • Godišnja proizvodnja
    Production capacity
    240 t/h

Basic products

  • Asphalt concrete: АВ 4 k, АВ 8 k, АВ 11 k, АВ 16 k
  • Bit bearing layers: BNS 22, BNS 32
  • Bit bearing wearing layers: BNHS 16
  • Eruptive asphalt concretes: АВ 8 s, АВ 11 s, АВ 16 s
  • Eruptive asphalt concrete with polymers: АВ 11 s РтВ
  • Asphalt coloured (red)
  • Drainage asphalt
  • SMA asphalt

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Asphalt base Vinca

Asphalt base Vinca is located in the municipality of Grocka, 2 km away from Smederevski put and 10 km from Belgrade, near E-75 highway, Belgrade-Nis, which is a part of European Corridor 10.

Asphalt base, by Benninghoven, has 12 hot bunkers and is completely digitalised, with capacity of 240 t/h, which makes it one of larger asphalt bases based on capacity in Serbia, as well as one of 3 in total in Europe which can simultaneously produce asphalt of eruptive and limestone origin.