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Ćeramide - Rudnik

  • Godišnja proizvodnja
    Annual production:
    400.000 t

  • Total reserve
    Total reserve:
    6.000.000 t

Basic Products

  • Kameni agregat 0-31,5 mm - tampon
  • Kameni agregat 31-63 mm
  • Kameni agregat 0-63 mm - tampon
  • Kameni agregat 0-2 mm
  • Kameni agregat 0-4 mm
  • Kameni agregat 2-4 mm
  • Kameni agregat 4-8 mm
  • Kameni agregat 8-11 mm
  • Kameni agregat 11-16 mm
  • Kameni agregat 16-22 mm
  • Kameni agregat 0-220 mm
  • Kameni agregat 0-400 mm
  • Kameni agregat 0-80 mm
  • Kameni agregat 0-100 mm


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Quarry Ćeramide, Rudnik

Quarry Ceramide is located on Rudnik mountain and it produces eruptive stone dacite, mostly used in construction of bearing layers in railways, roads and highways, as well as in civil engineering and building construction.

The main product of quarry Ceramide is crushed stone aggregate, granulation 31.5 – 63 mm, used as I class railway ballast.

 Aside from these uses, eruptive stone can also be used for the construction of coastal pipelines, watercourse regulation, hydraulic buildings, gabions and other.

Fractions produced at quarry Ceramide have attestation from an accredited laboratory.

There is a combined crusher plant installed at quarry Ceramide, made by world renowned producers Krupp and Metso Minerals. The capacity of the crusher is over 300 t/h.

The quarry was opened in 2007.