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Gradac - Batočina

  • Godišnja proizvodnja
    Annual production:
    1.600.000 t

  • Total reserve
    Total reserve:
    60.000.000 t

  • Radne vreme
    Working hours:

Basic Products

  • Filler – stone flour in bulk
  • Stone aggregate 0-2 mm
  • Stone aggregate 0-4 mm
  • Stone aggregate 2-4 mm
  • Stone aggregate 4-8 mm
  • Stone aggregate 8-11 mm
  • Stone aggregate 11-16 mm
  • Stone aggregate 16-22 mm
  • Stone aggregate 16-31,5 mm
  • Aggregate 0-31,5 mm - tampon
  • Aggregate 0-8 mm
  • Aggregate 0-16 mm
  • Mechanical tampon 0-63 mm
  • Mechanical tampon 0-63 mm
  • Ballast 31,5-63 mm
  • Ballast 63-120 mm
  • Crushed stone - none granulated
  • Schist – none granulated


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Quarry Gradac, Batočina

Quarry Gradac is located next to Batocina, near E-75 highway. This quarry exploits dolomite marble stone of limestone origin, which is widely used in transport economy, especially for road and highway construction, lower bearing road constructions of bituminous material in warm process for all types of traffic loads, as well as for production of wearing layers on roads with medium light and very light traffic load.

One of the main uses of this stone is in production of railway ballast, granulation 31.5 – 63 mm.

It can also be used for production of cement concrete, including concretes exposed to wear and erosion. Stone from quarry Gradac is also used in building construction, as well as for the construction of coastal pipelines, watercourse regulation, and the construction of hydraulic buildings, gabions and other stone fractions.

We have attestations from accredited laboratory for all products, fractions, tampons, ballast and filler produced at the quarry in Batocina.

The quarry has been active since 1952. The quarry is in operation 24 h/day during the whole year. Production is organised 24 h/day, 7 days a week. Finished product delivery is also organised 24 h/day, 7 days a week.

Since June 2018, a new Metso plant has been installed. Its capacities are 500 t/h from the primary part of the plant and 250 t/h from the secondary part of the plant.

Plant for production of stone flour and industrial track with loading ramp

Quarry – limestone stone

Within the Working Unit Batocina there is also a Plant for stone flour (filler) production, which also has an industrial track 2.5 km long, with a loading ramp.

The plant is located near E-75 highway and IB-24 state road in Batocina. Also, our industrial track is located 3 km further from railway junction in Lapovo.

Stone flour (filler) is most often used for production of asphalt mixtures for all types of traffic load, as well as in the procedure of production of certain types of concrete.

The plant’s capacity is about 12 t/h of first class stone flour, with storage capacities (silos) of about 4,000 tonnes. We have necessary attestation on product quality for all our products.

The plant is in operation 24 h/day, 7 days a week. The plant’s capacity is 50,000 tonnes.

The plateau, which is located within the Plant and which is used to deposit all types of stone aggregates produced in quarry Gradac, along with the loading ramp and industrial track, is used to load product onto the railway carriages. Loading capacity onto the railway carriages is about 150 t/h.