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Ladne vode - Petrovac na Mlavi

  • Godišnja proizvodnja
    Annual production:
    250.000 t

  • Total reserve
    Total reserve:
    4.100.000 t

Basic Products

  • Stone aggregate 0-4 mm
  • Stone aggregate 4-8 mm
  • Stone aggregate 8-11 mm
  • Stone aggregate 8-16 mm
  • Stone aggregate 16-22 mm
  • Stone aggregate 16-31,5 mm
  • Stone aggregate 0-31,5 mm
  • Stone aggregate t 31,5-63 mm
  • Mechanical tampon 0-63 mm
  • Crushed stone non-granulated
  • Crushed stone granulated
  • Mechanical tampon II class
  • Stone aggregate 0-120 mm
  • Stone aggregate 63-120 mm


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Quarry Ladne vode, Petrovac na Mlavi

Quarry Ladne Vode is located on the regional road, on the 15th km going from Petrovac towards Zagubica, at the entrance into Gornjacka gorge. Rock which is exploited there is dolomitised limestone.

Primary use of this type of stone is in production of fractions for asphalt and concretes, tampons for road filling, stone for construction (civil engineering, building construction), as well as all types of hydraulic buildings.

Accredited laboratories issue attestations for materials produced at the quarry, based on tests carried out periodically in accordance with applicable regulations in the Republic of Serbia.

Quarry has been active since 1947.

This quarry is specialised in producing stone which is used in hydro isolation liners for bottom layers and for watercourse regulation.